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It’s time to start investing in your old kitchen to make it a dream space for your loved ones or for your budding home chefs. Custom cabinets play important role in kitchen for storing food, cooking equipment’s, silverware and for some table dishes that we all use on regular basis.
Buying new cabinetry is little complex as not all cabinet’s size fits in all kitchens because of their different product time, quality, impact cost and especially design.
That’s why choosing Stone Cabinet Works is the best decision as our products are affordable and focus on your lifestyle. We curate specialized semi-custom cabinets according to your specified measurement.We offer100s of choices on the Wood Species, Door Styles, and Finishes.

Types of Custom Cabinets Wood species that we offer:

1. Maple

Maple wood is non-porous, durable, smooth, stain & dent resistant and gives your kitchen a rustic look.There are two variant in maple wood i.e. simple maple and rustic maple. This wood cabinet fits in all types of kitchens whether it’s a traditional, ivory or modern kitchen. Colorful maple custom cabinets are mostly in use to create modern aesthetic look.

2. Cherry

Cherry hardwood is one of the most popular but a bit expensive one. It is also smooth and durable like maple wood. Cherry has an array of beautiful finishes and dark stains as well. It’s easy to design, carve, mold and sand that fits into any kitchen style. It is commonly in use for traditional furniture styling like shaker, mission, country. These furniture lends itself sleek for tradition style kitchens. We have two variant in cherry wood i.e. cherry and straight grain cherry

3. Oak

Oak wood is a bit softer than maple wood. There are two types of oak wood which is little bit different from simple oaki.e. white & red quarter sawn and straight grain. Quarter sawn and straight grain wood is used for both flooring and furniture purpose. Oak wood is light weight, durable, easy to clean and affordable but porous in nature. Oak wood blends with wide variety of styles.

Wooden Styles


Q1. Which wood is best for kitchen cabinets?

Ans: Cherry and Maple wood are best for kitchen cabinets as they are more durable but little expensive.

Q2. How do I clean wet or sticky cabinets?

Ans: Take a sponge, clean the cabinet with a mixture of water and vinegar. At last just rinse it with water. But make sure to call cabinet specialist before doing anything, according to your cabinet wood type.

Q3. Which wood is best for painted cupboard?

Ans: Maple, cherry, hickory and oak hardwoods are best for painted cupboard because of their straight, tight grained and durable properties.

Q4. Is it possible to re-stain wood cabinets?

Ans: Technically yes, it’s possible to re-stain wood cabinets but with the help of labor and the person having good technical knowledge of paint and cabinets.

Q5. How much time do we take to deliver cabinets?

Ans: We take only 2-3 weeks for delivery for the stocked line cabinetry, and longer for semi-custom cabinetry.

Q6. Where is our showroom situated?

Ans: Our showroom is situated in Gurnee. Our proper address is Stone Cabinet Works, 7075 Grand Ave Unit #3BGurnee, IL 60031.

Q7. Can anyone from our company take measurements of cabinet?

Ans: Yes, we do take measurements for cabinets and countertops too. So, if you need any help regarding measurement, simply call us. We are just one call away to help you.

Q8. How much does it cost?

Ans: Well, it’s totally depends up on the wood species that you would like to choose for cabinets.

Q9. Do we provide painting service too?

Ans: Yes, we also provide cabinet painting service.

Q10. Do we install cabinets?

Ans: Yes, we do install cabinets or any home remodeling related services. Our certified and experienced installers will provide free consultation and estimate.

Q11. How many types of cabinets door styles we have?

Ans: We curate raised panel, recess panel, shaker, mission and slab cabinet door styles, up to 100s.

Q12. How many types of Cabinets finishes we provide?

Ans: There are various types of cabinet finishes that we provide like in paint we have classic paint, paint with highlight, paint with both highlight and glaze. In stain finishes we provide classic stain, stain with highlight, stain with glaze and highlight, satin sheer and appaloosa.

Q13. How to avoid mistakes or take care of cabinets?

Ans: After installing cabinets, it is important to take care of cabinets or avoid those mistakes that may affect the design, ruin the cabinet look and its functionality.
Following are some points to remember:
1. Wipe your cabinets with lint free cloth.
2. Wash and polished your cabinets once or twice a year.
3. Avoid harsh and strong detergents for cabinet cleaning. Instead of that use vinegar and water mixture to wipe out the dirt from cabinets. You can simply water rinse the cabinets if you don’t have vinegar.
4. Avoid or limit sunlight exposure.
5. Avoid products that contain bleach and ammonia.

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