Cabinetry hardware plays an important role in home remodeling. Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, closet, or even a working space like an office, cabinets’ hardware adds up the value to it pretty quickly. Stone Cabinet Works have all types of pulls, knobs, and door handles that easily coordinate with the rest of the house and make it a perfect fit for you.

Add stylish and high-quality knobs to the bathroom and kitchen cabinets can change the whole home space. Choosing the best Cabinets and cabinets hardware makes your space unique and perfect. Whatever style you’re planning, our project team experts are ready to help you out.

Hardware is an essential part of any type of space with cabinet doors and drawers. So, it’s pretty normal to take more than expected time in order to find the perfect styles that enhance your cabinets and decor aesthetic. Stone Cabinet Works help you to give your space a new look.

Hardware finishes may vary so that any designed home can see a visible change in it. From a warm gold tone to polished chrome, we have over 24,000 products across six warehouses and we often ship hardware the same day. We can assist you in the installations, design, and more things. So that you can bring home our cabinet knobs, drawer pulls and other cabinet hardware to elevate your whole space look.

Replacing old cabinet hardware is an easy option that will change the complete look of any cabinetry. Let your decor reflect your personal style with the help of our quality services.

Types of Cabinet Hardware that we offer

Stone Cabinet works offer a wide selection of kitchen knobs, pulls, cabinet hinges, which not only look stylish but also affordable that make your cabinetry function better than before.

1. Cabinet Knobs

From round to oval and square to rectangle, we have cabinet knobs that come in several shapes and sizes. Different types of designs are also available. From shiny and shimmery crystal knobs to matte or metallic knobs, we carry all types of collections that will blow your mind with happiness. Even for those, who love antiques or who are history lovers, we also have a bunch of antique cabinet knobs. A knob is basically a simple piece of hardware that attaches to a cabinet door or drawer with a single screw and changes the entire look of the drawer.

Cabinet knobs are an effortless option that can go in the long term. Adding a pop of color in the knob and co-coordinating it with a backplate will provide extra protection against wear, tear because of daily use. Using a backplate also adds a touch of class to the cabinet and makes it look better than before. For more information visit our showroom to see all of our sample cabinet knobs in different colors and designs at the best price guaranteed! 

2. Cabinet Pulls

Cabinet pulls only use about two or more screws to attach, same as traditional drawer handles. . From chrome finger to rustic bar pulls many people just love our Cabinet pulls collection and found it a perfect fit that completes their cabinet look. Cabinet pulls help to protect cabinet wood finish from fingerprints and daily wear tear. Whether you’re remodeling or planning to renovate your Office, Kitchen or bathroom, stone cabinet works offers a wide variety of cabinet pulls which not just look fantastic but help your cabinetry function better than before. Each of our cabinet pulls is carefully curated to perform reliably and best for daily usage. Cabinet pulls are easy to install and are a cost-effective way to make your home look perfect and stylish.

We offer pulls that come in an endless variety of materials, colors, finishes, and styles. Whether you want a contemporary traditional look or a modern look, we have all options that perfectly suit your taste. Our small detailed cabinet pull will amaze you by changing the entire room look. Our Hardware details can lift the style and look of the furniture. Buy our handles and use them in a simple way that can make your furniture feel more exclusive.

3. Cabinet hinges

Most people don’t think as much about this type of hardware known as cabinet hinges until something goes wrong. It’s important to use high-quality hinges as they prevent slamming between the cabinet door and its frame, prolong the shelf life of the cabinet, provide safety, make it a high-end upgrade, and give a bit of extra elegant touch. Our Close hinges collection makes your cabinet doors swinging smoothly, quietly and prevents cabinet doors from being slammed. Keep your cabinet doors function smoothly by choosing the perfect hinges.

FAQ’s about Hardware

Q1. What is a center-to-center measurement for pull or handle and is it important to know before installing cabinet pulls?

Ans: The center-to-center measurement for cabinet pull is the distance between the center of one screw hole to another center hole. Before installing any pull or handle, it is important to know center to center measurements as it will help you to determine which hardware will best fit your cabinet.  If you are building brand new or fresh cabinets, this thing will help you in drilling up holes.  If you want to change old cabinet hardware, center to center measurement will guide you to know whether you need to drill to mount new holes or not.

Q2. How to measure center-to-center measurement for pull?

Ans: Measure the space in inches by employing a tape, then use the search filter to narrow down your selection to only include pulls that match your center-to-center measurement. The foremost common size is 3 inches, but don’t assume: always measure it yourself to see what hardware size you need. 

Q3. What kind of hardware colors suits best for a traditional and contemporary style that looks trendy as well as Classic?

Ans: Choose a tone that almost look like the cabinet color for a standard traditional look, like bronze knobs on oak cabinets. For a contemporary style, try to install contrasting hardware, as chrome or gold-tone pulls on black cabinets. Cabinet hardware with a wide collection of colors and finishes is such a great way to show off your personality and at the same time refresh your home.

Q4. What kind of hardware do we have?

Ans: We have various kind of hardware with different finishes and features that suits best for every type of style. For more information, visit our showroom to check out samples: 7075 Grand Avenue Ste 3b, Gurnee. 

Q5. Which good option to choose cabinet pulls or knobs?

Ans: There are not any strict rules to follow when choosing whether to pick a knob or a pull or both. You can select anything depending upon your choice or as per your taste.

Q6. Does cabinet hardware need to match with the kitchen faucet?

Ans: Well, it totally depends upon your kitchen styles like traditionally kitchens and bathrooms will match hardware finishes to the tap to tie up the finishes within the room together. On the other hand, it’s not a perfect fit when you go for a contemporary style.