5 Reasons Why You Should Remodel Instead of Moving to Another Home

Moving to a new house can be a big hassle but it’s not always necessary to make this big decision. Approximately 50-71% of Illinois homeowners who have resided in their homes for more than eight years choose to remodel their homes instead of moving into a new house. Choosing this option is a great decision as it adds value to the existing home while making it more comfortable to live in. However, if you are not happy with your home as well as your house’s location, then consider moving to another home may be a good option for you but there are many factors to consider before moving into a new residence, as most of the time it may end up on the con side of the decision. That’s why remodeling your home is a good idea.

Renovating your home can be less time-consuming and cost-effective than relocating to a new place. So, if you may find that your once-dream home is no longer meets your needs then try fixing up the house that suits your lifestyle and taste by making it more appealing. Read on to know the top five reasons to remodel your home instead of moving to a new place.

5 Reasons Why You Should Remodel Instead of Moving to Another Home

1. You Can Keep Your Location and Neighborhood:

Keeping your neighborhood is one of the main reasons why you should remodel your current house. First, it is really cost-effective as moving costs can add up if you’re relocating to a new city. Second, you are already familiar with many things such as the crime rate and traffic of your area, commute times to work from your home, community, neighborhood, and decent schools or colleges, if you have children. And last but not least, a makeover allows you to customize your current residence to fit your specific needs and style. So, not renovating your existing house and moving to another home means giving up the familiar, and may lack comparable features.

2. You Can Customize Your Home:

Thinking of moving to a new house may feel tempting at first but you might uncover issues that need correcting or your new home may not have your preferred features. When you planning to move into a new home, you have limited options available on the real estate market that suits your style. On the other side, when you renovate your current home, you can re-design your overall space exactly how you want it especially, when your home has a good structure built on a solid foundation. You can add new amenities, and make necessary repairs to update your existing house. With some imagination and the help from Stone Cabinet Works, you can transform your current house into something that reflects your taste, style, and preferences.
Reasons Why You Should Remodel Instead of Moving to Another Home

3. Increase the Value of Your Home:

By remodeling your home, you can also increase the value of your home. Spending some to remodel your home will not only increase the value of your existing home but also be able to get every last dollar out of it when you sell it. With equity in your existing home, its value continues to increase, and renovations can compound that. This means you will easily recoup any losses from your renovation costs with your increased home value. So, you can easily add new features to your existing place that you’ve always wanted which will directly increase the value of your home and appeal. Remodeling your home also helps to attract potential home buyers when it comes time to sell.

4. Avoid Moving & Selling Costs:

Moving from one place to another may cost you more, and your new home also need some improvements while your budget might start low, but the inspections, closing costs, and relocation fees can increase. Whereas remodeling your existing home helps you avoid the stress of moving and inspection costs. High mortgage rates are another reason to consider renovating your existing residence.

5. Better efficiency and functionality:

This is one of the biggest reasons why Illinois homeowners want to move as their needs change, they realize their current home is no longer working for them. But finding a new home that have all you need will be challenging and time-consuming too. However, sometimes making a few updates is all it takes to fall in love with your current home again.

For instance, adding new windows, heaters, eco-friendly appliances, and insulation can decrease energy costs. Renovating your home is a good idea for better home functions. You can redesign your home to better align with your needs for better efficiency and functionality. Whether you want to fully renovate your home or give one or two rooms a makeover, renovating your place gives new life to the home. And the best part is that you can take complete control of your home’s design and features which means you get exactly what you want.
Reason You Should Remodel Instead of Moving to Another Home

Things To Consider Before Renovating Your Current Home

Remodeling your home on a full scale has many parts and can cost a wide range of money as there are so many possibilities. That’s why it’s crucial to be well-prepared and plan everything before starting the makeover process. Following are the top three essential things to consider before starting the overhaul of your existing home:

⦁ Identifying challenges:

Evaluate your current home challenges such as poor indoor air quality, outdated electrical and plumbing systems, and worn-out fixtures. Not improving these things could affect your health, energy efficiency, as well as your home appeal.

⦁ Renovation goals:

Your main renovation goal is to improve your home’s functionality, comfort, efficiency, and curb appeal.

⦁ Budget and financing:

Stick to your budgeted costs and time and always focus on a makeover that will increase your home value. Additionally, don’t forget to plan for where you’ll live beforehand the renovation process.


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