8 Steps of Bathroom Remodeling Process and Trends in Lake County for 2022

Lake County Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling a bathroom in lake county is a pretty complicated task as there are many complex stages involved from the very beginning to ending. In addition to this, every bathroom project has some specific requirements too. To accomplish it successfully, you need the right Lake County Bathroom remodeling service with a well-calculated plan and an optimized approach. That’s why we’ve made a full guide to the bathroom remodeling process that will help you to understand each and every phase of the remodeling project.

8 steps of bathroom remodeling processPhase-1: Planning it All

Making the right plan from the beginning helps you ensure the desired outcome as well as optimize your efforts and budget. Without an efficient plan, you may end up spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary items. On the other hand, with the right plan, it’s easier to figure out how much money and time your bathroom renovation is going to take. Often a bath remodel plan includes the following steps:

  • Hiring a contractor
  • Choosing the style
  • Creating a Budget
  • Buy the Essential Equipment or fixtures

You should always spend ample time on your planning and choosing a skilled bathroom re-modeler in lake county. Once you consider each factor thoroughly, you’ll be one step closer to your dream bathroom.

Phase-2: Demolishing the Old Bathroom

After planning your budget and time, here comes the Demolition phase of your remodeling process. In Demolition phase, we proceed by removing the damaged or broken things from the space. It is considered an exciting phase but you should not do it without a plan. You may damage any important item to you. To begin with, turn off the electricity and water supply of your bathroom. After this, you can start removing tiles, flooring, sink, fixtures, etc. Make sure you don’t damage any item you may need in the future. For example, if you are removing the wall tiles, do it carefully without damaging the piping within the walls. However, if you’ve hired bathroom remodeler n lake county you don’t need to worry about demolition. Just tell your contractor what items you needed or what you want to be replaced.

Phase-3: Plumbing and Electrical Installation

After demolishing, you should proceed with plumbing and wiring installation. If you’re planning to add new fixtures, you will definitely need plumbing requirements. To complete this purpose, you should tell your remodeling contractor that where you want your fixtures to be installed. You can also replace your old piping during this phase if needed. After all your plumbing work is done, you can begin wiring installation like adding exhaust or any extra light fitting if you want. This is the best time to make any electrical changes as the installation of wires is much easier when walls are open.


Phase-4: of bathroom remodeling in Lake County Close the walls

After finishing your plumbing and electrical requirement, it’s time to close the walls. Remember to add cement board and vapor barrier on the damp areas while completing the walls. This will help you prevent moisture problems. You can use drywalls for other walls of your bathroom.

Phase-5: Paint the Bathroom

Now is the Phase to paint up your walls with a semi-gloss or satin paint finish. These finishes can stand up to humidity and help you to protect the wall from moisture. Your painting phase should be finished before installation of vanity, tiles, toilet, sink, etc. to avoid the risk of splashing on your newly owned fixtures.

Phase-6: Add the tiles and Lighting

In this phase, you will brighten your space by adding soft lighting to your ceiling, over the sink, near the vanity, around mirrors, etc. You should also add a natural light source in your bathroom if possible. After lighting, you can now start installing tiles. Ideally, you should begin with your shower walls and area around the bathtub first then move to other sections. After that, you should install the wall tiles and eventually the floor tiles. Besides lighting, don’t forget to add exhaust fans to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in your bathroom.

Phase-7: Install Vanity, Sink, and Toilet

Till now you have installed the proper, plumbing, lighting, and other electrical requirements. In your next phase, You can move in your sink and vanity to the position you decided during the planning phase. Make sure to install a vanity in the correct manner. After that, you can proceed with the toilet installation which is not a time taking process.

Phase-8: Install Accessories and other Fixtures

The last step of the bathroom renovation process includes the installation of bathroom accessories and other essential equipment. Often these accessories include towel bars, mirrors, sink, toilet paper holders, etc. The main reason behind putting this step, at last, is you can match your accessory’s color, style, and finish with your bathroom aesthetics. You can buy them as per your choice. After completing all the installations and fixes, you can now enjoy your newly renovated bathroom.

Lake County Bathroom Remodeling Trends 2022

1. Quartz Countertops

Quartz is one of the hardest materials for countertops. It is scratch and stain-resistant. A 2021 bathroom trend report has also said that more than 70% of designers choose quartz countertops over other materials. Its non-porous and uniform surface makes it effective against bacteria. The surface of these countertops can be cleaned easily with a normal glass cleaner.

2. Warm and durable Color

The color of your bathroom can really set or spoil your mood at the start of your day. Warm colors can give your bathroom a soothing feel. You can also go for nature green and earthy red tones. Regardless of colors, paints with moisture-resistant capability are trending too.

3. Floating Vanities

Due to their modern and luxurious looks, Floating vanities are a hot bathroom trend that offers both style and space-saving design. These vanities are called floating because they’re mounted on the wall leaving the floor clear. There are the following reasons to consider a floating vanity for your space.


  • Available in wide range of sizes and colors
  • Make your bathroom look bigger
  • Make it easy to clean the floor underneath the vanity
  • Enough storage

4. Mirrors with Backlights

Three out of four homeowners prefer to install mirrors with LED lights (backlit mirrors) at back during a bathroom remodel. Backlit mirrors are both attractive and functional. It also has sensors that adjust brightness according to your preference. In case you need a nightlight, you can use that function. Another feature that makes it more functional is that it provides ambient lighting means you will not get reflections or glare from other light sources while looking into mirror.

5. Smart Toilets

If you’re looking to upgrade your traditional styled bathroom into a modern one, you should consider adding smart toilets. In compare to traditional toilets with a storage tank and flushing lever, smart toilet offers a great number of features while increasing eco-friendliness. These toilets have sensors that are able to sense when a person moves closer or away from the lid. Smart toilets are a great way to increase your bathroom trendiness and functionality. These toilets often come with the following features:

  • Night lighting
  • Automatic raises and lower slid
  • Automatic Flushing when you move away from seat
  • Seat warming
  • Warm water wash
  • Uses Less water in flushing than traditional toilets

6. Large Wall tiles

Incorporating large wall tiles can help your space looks bigger than actually it is. Large wall tiles. They have fewer grout lines which make easy to clean and maintain while giving a seamless look. Large tiles make your bathroom look more luxurious when combine with natural stone material.

Signs You Need Bathroom Remodeling in lake county

You or your family needs change with time and if your bathroom is unable to accomplish those requirements, you may consider a renovation. This could be your old layout, less storage, broken accessories, etc. In that case, you should consider bathroom renovation. A bathroom should be functional and comfortable to handle your daily tasks. Here are the common signs that will tell you that your bathroom needs a renovation.

5 Signs that you need bathroom remodeling1. Your Needs are Changing

The way you are using your bathroom is not essentially the same as you do 10 years ago. By the time your needs and requirements may increase especially if you have a family with growing children. For example, families with children often need a shower as well as a tub in their bathroom. Having this combo provides flexibility in the bath for both parents and children.
Also, with an upgrade in bathroom materials and construction techniques you can make your bathroom more functional by only changing your existing layout. If you’re one of those struggling moving around old bathroom and storage, your bathroom may need remodeling.

2. Insufficient Storage

Lack of storage in the existing bathroom is the second main reason to consider bath remodeling. A bathroom with less storage space fell more tight and uncomfortable. You may even don’t find a space to put your bathroom necessities. Another common problem you may see is your bathroom belongings are spilling out and giving your space a dirty look messy. If you’re having a hard time managing bathroom stuff or finding anything due to stuffed space, you should add extra storage by installing cabinets, vanity, or shelving. Remember, when everything is at proper place, it not only makes your bathroom look clean but also helps you navigate around things easily.

3. Obvious Damage

When damage is present, an action should be taken before it gets worse. If your bathroom shows signs of damage that need to be repaired, You should not be late. The common signs include Cracked tiles, peeling paint or wallpaper, stained floors, and bathtubs. Other common problem you may face in your old bathroom is leaky fixtures and mold growth on the walls of your bathroom. These things can spoil the mood of your guests or siblings. If you’re noticing any of the above signs you should begin a remodeling plan before you embarrass yourself.

4. Outdated Accessories or Decor

The fourth sign you may notice in your bathroom is that your bathroom style and accessories are getting out of trend. If you talk about bathroom style, paint is the first thing you may find unsightly. Paint color reflects your style and taste. On the other hand, you should also be aware of your bathroom accessories which include towel holders, faucets, light fixtures, damaged cabinets, mirrors, toilet paper holders, and electrical switches. If you find these things damaged or dysfunctional, it’s time to replace them.

5. Your Family has Grown: you need Lake County Bathroom Remodeling

The last sign that makes you think about redesigning your bathroom or adding more functionality is that your family is growing. If your family were small when you moved into your home, you may have sufficient space and storage. But now if you have added children to your family, you need more space, functionality, and safety features. A bathroom renovation specialist can help you create a space where you get what you need.

Best Lake County Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

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Understanding the different phases of the bathroom remodeling process  in lake county can help you to make the right decisions during remodeling. Creating a plan with your lake county bathroom remodelers can decrease the chances of mistakes and fulfill all your needs in future phases. If you’re confused about if it’s the right time to remodel your space or you should wait a little longer. You can check the damage signs around your bathroom and make the appropriate decision. Once you started, it will be an exciting process.