Common Myths About Remodeling Your Kitchen And Bathroom

Both bathroom and kitchen remodeling are popular home improvement projects that can generate significant return on investment. The thought of renovating your bath and kitchen space can be exciting as well as stressful, especially because of the misconceptions, as these misconceptions can cause hesitation and confusion among many Illinois homeowners. By debunking these myths and providing the real information or truth, Stone Cabinet Works aims to offer expert advice and facilitate easier remodeling experience. Read on to know the several common myths about remodeling your kitchen and bathroom.

Top 5 Common Myths About Kitchen Remodeling

Myth 1: You must follow the latest kitchen design trends

When remodeling your kitchen, you might look at some catalogs, blogs, and magazines for inspiration. It can be tempting to incorporate all those latest styles and trends in your kitchen design that you look out in magazines and blogs. However, by doing this, it may be costly in the long run. What’s in style today may not be trendy after some years. So, it’s better to focus on creating a kitchen design that reflects your personal taste while catering to your functional needs.

You must follow the latest kitchen design trends

Myth 2: DIY is cheaper and more affordable than hiring a professional remodeler

Many Illinois homeowners think that doing it yourself is way more affordable than hiring a professional remodeler, however, DIY may save your initial costs, but it can also result in long-term problems if you lack the necessary skills and expertise and will cost you more money later. Whether you are doing bathroom remodeling or kitchen, both require expertise in electrical, plumbing work, and more. Inexperience or lack of skill can lead to costly mistakes or even dangerous accidents. It’s better to avoid unforeseen issues by consulting with a professional kitchen remodeler in Gurnee early in the planning process in order to avoid additional expenditures to correct your DIY errors. Hiring a reputable Kitchen remodeler in Illinois can also save time and money in the long run by ensuring the project is completed correctly and professionally.

Myth 3: Eco-friendly materials and appliances are less durable and attractive

Sustainable materials and eco-friendly appliances have come a long way in terms of durability, design, and versatility. Incorporating eco-friendly materials and appliances into your kitchen not only aids in environmental conservation but also saves you money and adds an element of uniqueness that sets your space apart.

Myth 4: Top-quality appliances guarantee an excellent kitchen

It is true that high-end appliances have their own merits, but they cannot single-handedly create an excellent kitchen space. Prioritizing the layout, practicality, and aesthetics of your kitchen remodel will be more beneficial than solely investing in top-quality appliances.

Myth 5: Remodeling your kitchen will be a quick and straightforward Process

The complexity and duration of a kitchen remodel are often underestimated. Depending on several factors such as permitting, demolition, construction, and installations and project’s scope may extend the timeline. In order to avoid disappointment ensure that you have a realistic expectation for your process timeline. Also, plan ahead your process planning to avoid any delay.

Top 5 Common Myths About Bathroom Remodeling

Myth 1: Increasing square footage is important for bathroom improvement

Effective usage of space through strategic layout and smart storage solutions can easily improve the look and functionality of your bathroom without adding any square footage. You can maximize space with recessed shelves or cabinets, wall-mounted vanities, and the usage of appropriate mirrors and lighting. The right lighting and smart storage solutions help to make your bathroom more expansive without adding any square footage and also make it a clutter-free space.

Myth 2: Bathroom remodeling is expensive and disruptive

Bathroom remodeling can be expensive depending upon several factors such as incorporating high-quality materials, plumbing, and electrical work especially when you want to increase your bathroom area by removing walls and expanding into other rooms, etc. However, you do not have to break the bank to remodel your bath space. Planning and researching cost-effective materials, and setting up a budget before starting the process of bathroom remodeling, and being resourceful with bathroom design ideas can keep expenses manageable. Don’t forget to take help from an experienced bathroom contractor to minimize any kind of disruption by implementing a proper work schedule.

Bathroom remodeling is expensive and disruptive

Myth 3: Bathroom remodeling requires trendy designs

Incorporating trends may excite Illinois homeowners initially, but it is essential to find a balance between timelessness and modernity. Incorporating more than essential things in your bathroom also increases the budget. That’s why it is important to prioritize lasting bathroom styles that will stand for years to come without compromising contemporary appeal.

Myth 4: Eco-friendly remodeling is very costly and complicated

Eco-friendly remodeling is not only beneficial for the environment but also provides long-term savings on your energy bills. Switching out your fixtures from high-flow to low-flow alternatives or installing energy-efficient lights are simple and easy ways to make your bath space more sustainable without any substantial expenses.

Myth 5: Adding minimal design in bathroom remodeling means compromising functionality

That’s not true. Adding a minimalist design doesn’t always mean that there is a lack of storage or any lack of practical function. Minimal design simplifies the space and focuses on essential needs. By proper planning of adding a minimalist bath design can enhance the bathroom’s aesthetic while maintaining its functionality.


Kitchen and bathroom remodeling myths can muddy the waters for Illinois homeowners, but by debunking these common myths, homeowners can approach the project with clarity and confidence. Renovation does not have to be overwhelming or overly expensive, but it needs planning, kitchen updates, prioritizing functionality, personal aesthetic preferences, and qualified professional consultations for informed decisions to create a home space that’s perfect for you. Debunking these myths can empower you with the clarity needed to make informed and confident decisions to create your dream kitchen and bathroom with greater ease and satisfaction.