How to Choose the Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – Full Guide Ever

Choosing the cabinets that match your kitchen aesthetics is one of the big decisions during kitchen remodeling but it doesn’t end here. You must need equipment to open your drawers and cabinets. Your renovation process can’t be completed without the installation of appropriate kitchen hardware.  Having the right hardware can elevate your kitchen charm in an effortless way. On the other hand, having incomparable hardware in your space can ruin your whole new kitchen experience. So, if you don’t want this to happen here are some amazing tips that will help you to choose the right cabinet hardware for your kitchen, bathroom, and office.

1. Choose a Cabinet Hardware Type

The main role of hardware is to open the drawers and cabinet doors. There are often two types of hardware used for Cabinets – Knobs and Pulls. Your first task is to choose the right one between knobs and pulls for your project. Some people like knobs, while some install pulls. If we talk about looks, pulls give contemporary looks while knobs give a traditional feel. Both have their upsides and downsides. However, you can also use both in combination as there are no hard rules. It’s totally up to you which one you choose because you are the one who has to utilize the hardware over 20 times a day. Choose what feels comfortable to your hand. If you are opting for the combination of both, you can go for installing the knobs on the cabinet door, and pulls on the drawers will make sense.
Choose a Hardware Type

2. Select a Style

After choosing your hardware type, the next step is to select a style that suits your kitchen aesthetics. Your Hardware design depends on the cabinetry as well as the overall kitchen style. Often kitchen cabinet hardware has 5 types of styles — contemporary, transitional, traditional, rustic, and eclectic. If your cabinetry follows a traditional style, you should install traditional styled hardware while cabinets with arched panels look good with rounded pulls or knobs. On the other hand, choosing a simple black or bronze finish knob or pull is good for Rustic Style Kitchens.
Select Hardware style

3. Hardware Material

Your cabinet hardware will come in contact with a lot of hands. So, it’s important for you to choose a scratch-resistant and durable hardware material. Here are some popular choices for hardware material you can consider:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Chrome
  • Pewter
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Crystal/glass
  • Silver

You can choose any of the above-mentioned materials. The only thing you have to in mind while choosing hardware material is that your material should match the theme of your overall space. If you have a colored cabinet, you should choose the matte material or colored hardware as per your cabinet color.  For the kitchen with a warm color tone, choosing a gold, black, or bronze material will provide a classic appearance as it offers a substantial look and feel. If you talk about cooler color tones, you can choose grey, pewter, silver, or stainless steel as it is a durable and easy to clean material. You can opt for a glass or crystal hardware material if you want a vintage look.

4. Determine Size and Positioning

The difference between the size of the cabinet and hardware can spoil the appearance of your space. Your hardware and cabinet size should always be in the right proportion. For instance, an oversized cabinet door requires a large knob or pulls for proper functionality while small knobs or pulls will look great on small doors or drawers.

If we talk about the position, often pulls are positioned horizontally on drawers and vertically on cabinets. However, for a more modern aesthetic, you can also consider installing pulls horizontally on cabinets.

For traditional cabinets, it is suggested that the length of pulls should be approximately one-third of the length of the cabinet drawer. On the other hand, for modern-style cabinets, the length of pulls is typically two-thirds of the length of the cabinet door or drawer.  In case your Drawer is wider than 18 inches, you may need more than one knob for balancing weight and proper functionality.

While installing hardware, also consider the location of knobs or pulls as they can be stuck on clothing if positioned at hip level.

5. Choose a Finish

Choosing a finish becomes easy if you are already done with style and size. There are many finishes you can choose from. Some examples are polished finish, brushed, satin, matte, antique, and painted. If your hardware material is of steel, the brushed or polished finish can be a great option to enhance the cabinet’s beauty. On the other hand, a brass finish will work well on a traditionally styled kitchen. If your kitchen style is rustic, opting for a bronze finish will be wise.  For a transitional style kitchen, a black hardware finish with light-colored cabinets will make a bold statement. There are many more hardware finish and kitchen styles you can choose between. Whatever decision you make, just keep in mind that your finish should complement the overall kitchen aesthetic.
Choose a Hardware Finish

6. Comfort and Functionality

When it comes to choosing cabinet hardware, your comfort and functionality should be your first priority. Make sure to check if hardware edges are sharp or rough? Or Is there enough space for you to put fingers through handles or knobs? Make sure the doors and cabinets are in a convenient position so that easy and smooth to open.

7. Shop Hardware

Till now, you’ve learned about the major aspects of choosing the hardware. It’s time to shop for the best hardware for your project. If you reside in Gurnee, Grayslake, and Nearby Areas, you can come by Stone Cabinet Works.
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8. Positioning of your Cabinet Hardware

Till now you’ve learned to choose your cabinet hardware, it’s time to install them. Here are some points you should remember regarding cabinet style and size while hardware installation.


  • Paneled Doors

Often installation hole for cabinet knobs is placed with the edge of the rail.  If you are installing an egg knob or T-knob, an installation hole should be placed so that top of your knob is in line with the rail. For a classy look, offset your knobs from the rail a bit.

  • Slab Doors

For slab doors, the installation hole should be at an equal distance or a distance of 2”  from the side and bottom of the cabinet. For pulls, make sure you will want the end of the pull to be in line with the cabinet rail.


  • Paneled Drawers

Most common place to install the hardware in paneled drawers is in the center. However, some like to install it on the top rail.

  • Slab Drawers

The perfect place to install hardware for slab drawers is the center for shallow drawers and near the top for deeper drawers. Installing your knobs and pulls towards the top gives a sleek and streamlined aesthetic.


Hope your biggest dilemma of How to choose the cabinet Hardware is resolved now. Doesn’t matter how luxurious your space may be, nothing is more frustrating than non-functional hardware.  Hardware acts as the jewelry of your home. It’s your duty to select comfortable and durable jewelry for your home.  The selection of appropriate hardware includes many factors like cabinet size, style, color, and material. After exploring all the aspects it’s important for you to make sure that hardware edges should not be sharp, easily gripped, and don’t stuck in clothing.


Q1. How do you decide between Knobs and Pulls?

Ans: There are no hard rules to follow you can either select a knob or a pull as per your kitchen appearance. You can also choose the combination of both knobs and pulls. One preference is to use knobs on doors and pulls on all the drawers.

Q2. What color hardware is best for white cabinets?

Ans: Hardware with black color and the matte finish will provide a great contrast for white shaker cabinets. Matt finish gives your kitchen a modern look while matching the overall kitchen design.