Key Aspects to Keep in Mind While Deciding the Kitchen Cabinets: Your One Stop Kitchen Cabinets Guide

Kitchen remodeling projects can be complex and expensive affairs. Instead of renovating your entire kitchen in one go, redoing your kitchen cabinets alone, will do the trick for most. This will not only give a newer look to your kitchen, but also help in keeping the place more organized and clutter free, thanks to the innovative options available for kitchen cabinet in Gurnee, Illinois.

Did you know that almost 40% of your kitchen renovation budget would go towards the cabinets alone? It is thus very important to plan this in advance, research well in terms of the options available in the market, given your budget, space available and kitchen requirements.

Key Aspects to Keep in Mind When Deciding the Kitchen Cabinets

Let’s have a look at some of the key aspects to keep in mind when deciding the kitchen cabinets:

1. Material of the kitchen cabinets

From plywood to wooden finish, stainless steel to melamine or metal, the options of the base material of the cabinet are enough and more. The major design philosophy and layout of the overall kitchen, and how it complements the rest of your house, would be a deciding factor on which material you would choose. Solid wood still continues to be the most preferred material and has stood the test of time.
Cabinet Door Style Design

2. Cabinet door style and design

The door of the cabinet is typically the face of it, and what everyone looks at, in the very first glance of the kitchen. This would be a critical decision, so that the look of the kitchen is in line with the theme of the house construction, the overall layout and taste of the homeowner. The first choice is between frame or frameless cabinets. If you prefer for the door to stand out, just like in traditional American kitchens, it’s natural to go for a framed door cabinet. The only con would be that the frame would cut short the storage space to some extent.

If space is a challenge then it’s recommended to go for a frameless cabinets. Frameless cabinets will exude a sleeker and cleaner look. This is typical for European kitchens, so you may want to opt for the frameless cabinet if going for a contemporary vibe for yours. And there are transitional designs which are a nice blend of contemporary and traditional. From the door panel being given an arched shape, to the interior panel being grooved there are plenty of options to choose from. Even glass door cabinets are quite in taste these days, giving your kitchen a see through look, thus adding more depth to it. Get the help of a kitchen remodeling contractor in Gurnee to help you make the best choice per your preferences.

3. Time and convenience

When changing kitchen cabinets, it is important to consider whether have it made in-house or get a pre-assembled one. If short on time, which mostly everyone is today, the best option is to go for pre-assembled kitchen cabinet and let the contractor deal with the headache of the tools and materials. The remodeling contractor would probably meet you twice- once when deciding the layout and your preferences and the second time when he comes to install your pre-assembled kitchen at your premises. It’s that easy and simple.

4. Kitchen Cabinets hardware

The effective functioning and usage of the cabinets would be highly dependent on the cabinet hardware you choose. This comprises of the right selection for handles and hinges. The 2 types of typical handles are knobs and pulls. It’s completely on your preference to choose what works best for your kitchen. Knobs would be better suited in a traditionally designed kitchen. It would be small enough to not be big distraction and probably blend with the overall cabinet design. A drawer pull, on the other hand, is used for pulling heavier loads. Feel free to go all in with your creative side and choose from the plethora of knob and pull designs available in the market.

You could also choose to do a mixture of pulls and knobs for your cabinets depending on their particular usage. Insist on a soft close hinge for your cabinets, to avoid the bang noise of our traditional kitchens, thus lessening the wear and tear of the same. The hinge itself is said to be more durable with noiseless closing effect.

5. Cabinet accessories

Cabinet Accessories are a must when organizing your kitchen’s cabinets. With number of organizers to choose from, storage space can be maximized in a way that suits the type of cabinet, its size, and the storage requirements. This can make your kitchen more functional and accessible while it continues to be aesthetically pleasing. Add racks, shelves or pull-outs to increase space and accessibility, and lessen the chances of any dead-space. Adding a turntable organizer is a great way to make the most out of a corner base cabinet. As this letting you access hard-to-reach spaces.

In addition, there are many organizers that can store items located deep under your sink. Go for a slide-out compartment used as a trash bin that neatly fits into a larger base cabinet. This will help you to create an additional storage space for your kitchen. Slide-out baskets, pull-out shelf organizers or door-mounted organizers are another set of options to consider. Even organizing ‘junk drawers’ is easy with the addition of dividers, silverware storage trays or a pegboard system.
Cabinet Accessories

With the above major categories now sorted in your mind, you are all set to reach out to your nearest kitchen remodeling contractor. And tell them what you want and how you want it. You would also be fairly aware of the costing for the same, now that the components of your kitchen are in place. Stone Cabinet Works in Illinois has got you covered whether it’s a frameless kitchen cabinet, or a custom made cabinet door, or anything else with respect to your kitchen renovation needs. Call us for a free consultation today!