Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas to Maximise your Bath Space

Bathroom remodeling can be a mammoth task including it being a costly affair. Redoing the bathroom storage space is one easy as well as relatively inexpensive way to give your bathroom a new look. A lot of people in Gurnee have been making smart choices about redoing their bathroom, by implementing innovative storage ideas.

A lot of homeowners struggle with bathroom storage where the biggest challenge is finding space for everyone’s belongings, from towels to toiletries. Storage management can be a challenging task, and we often make mistakes without even realizing it. These mistakes can lead to inefficient use of space, especially in smaller spaces such as bathrooms. However, with careful planning as well as design, even a small bathroom can provide ample storage opportunities. From installing floating shelves to utilizing over-the-toilet cabinets, there are many options to consider. A contractor, who provides expert bathroom remodelling services in Gurnee, will be able to help with umpteen such smart solutions available in the market.

Effective Bathroom Storage Ideas to Maximise your Bath Space

Let’s explore some effective bathroom storage solution ideas that can help make the most of a limited space:

1. Bathroom Vanity

If you are running out of storage options in your bathroom, you may want to consider bathroom vanities with under-the-sink cabinets that conceal cleaning supplies as well as bath products. Customizing a vanity or buying a ready-made unit is possible, however it is vital to ensure that the material is waterproof and that it is not next to the shower area. For small-living aficionados, wall-hung vanities seem like a great solution. They not only free up floor space but also make cleaning bathroom floors a lot more manageable.
Bathroom Vanity

2. Wall niches

In addition to vanity, one can use wall niches to store and display essentials in a small bathroom. A wall niche would keep all the items inside the wall and prevent storage units that hinder bathroom space. Wall niches also come in open or covered forms, and one can define the wall niche in their bathroom with patterned tiles or a discreet frame. Adding tiny planters, vases, or peculiar decor for adding an aesthetic value is a good idea.

3. Go for a free standing trolley

A trolley or table with a shelf underneath is a simple yet efficient way to gain extra storage when you go for a freestanding option. You can keep hand towels or body brushes in a basket or box underneath and use the top of the table to have your immediate toiletries to hand. The best thing about this option is that it can be moved to wherever it is needed or pushed against a wall out of the way.

4. Liven the dead space

If you are inventive, making use of otherwise wasted space is the way for you. While freestanding furniture has its uses for both storage and display, well-designed fitted furniture is more efficient. It allows you to squeeze every inch of space and use it in the most streamlined way possible. Dead space can be made good use of by installing a good vanity pull system. You may take the help of a bathroom remodeling service contractor to guide you towards possible solutions.

5. Overhead Storage

Overhead storage can be a mistake if you have a small bathroom because of the space crunch. However, placing it right above the bathroom door can be an ideal solution. It will keep all your bath products, including towels and cleaning supplies, out of sight without looking like an imposing box. Ensure that the depth of the overhead unit is around 12 to 15 inches and that you add a corner shelf to place some plants and combine functionality and design.

6. Inbuilt Storage Mirror

Mirrors with inbuilt or hidden storage are an excellent storage idea. They are perfect for storing medicines as well as everyday essentials in an easy-to-reach place and keep the clutter out of sight. A seamless mirror would look great and give your bathroom a neat look. You may stack in your oral hygiene items, and even medicines. They not only look great but also give your bathroom a spacious feel while maintaining a clean and sophisticated look.
Inbuilt Storage Mirror Bathroom Storage Ideas

7. Over the toilet shelves

Shelves over the toilet are perfect to store hand towels, toilet rolls, and bath products. You can choose from glass shelves, floating shelves, or even an open box unit. Transparent or slimmer profile units are suitable for smaller bathrooms. It’s best to match the unit colour with the wall tile. However, it is important make sure that the depth is equivalent to the toilet tank. Adding a smooth vanity pull system to the shelves will make the functionality smoother.

8. Stack towels down below

If you don’t have a linen closet, you can still store tidy stacks of folded bath and hand towels under the sink. Since they’re out in the open, it’s best if all towels are the same colour. Use baskets such as the ones made out of wicket or bamboo, to stack them up in there and give it nice airy feel.

9. Add hooks

Hooks can be stuck on the wall to hang towels and robes if you don’t have much counter space or closets to work with. Metallic colour hooks will give an aesthetic feel to your remodeled bathroom. Give it a shot!

10. Take advantage of cabinet doors

Attach spacesaving bins to the back of your cabinet doors to keep flat irons, blow dryers as well as brushes at hand and out of sight.

11. Storage Ladder

Adding a storage ladder is one of the most excellent bathroom storage ideas, provided that floor space is limited. You can use baskets filled with accessories, towels as well as some planters for aesthetic feel and other items to maximize storage.

The above are just some reference points, and you can go all in with your creativity and innovation to add from space saving, storage features to your bathroom remodeling project. Making it more organized as well as clutter free will give you that much needed peace of mind. Introducing innovative bathroom storage solutions will make storage a piece of cake. Whether you have a spacious and luxurious bathroom or not like those you see on the internet. Getting in touch with a bathroom remodeling service provider in Gurnee will be immensely helpful and take away all the headache of dealing with the complexities of the matter.